What are Felony Crimes and their Consequences?

The crime which is more serious than a misdemeanor and the person may be imprisoned for one year or more is termed as felony. When a person is involved in the crime where there is violence and are not good for the society, all such offenses lie in the category of felony. The acts of arson and premeditated murders are felony crimes. The crimes that are lesser serious are defined misdemeanors. The most common examples are trespassing, indecent exposure, behaving improperly while drunk, petty thefts and likewise acts says Attorney Miya Griggs.

Crimes are said to be felony crimes which involve violence and are more serious than those considered to be misdemeanors as mentioned above. Felony crimes attract severe punishment than misdemeanor offenses. Persons involved in misdemeanor crimes are fined and put behind the bars for maximum one year and persons convicted of felony have to pay huge fine along with imprisonment of more than one year.

According to the Attorney Miya Griggs, crime could be treated either a felony or misdemeanor depending upon the circumstances and the accused is convicted likewise. If the accused is found making no harm to anybody and there is no violence at all, then the judge is likely to pronounce punishment in accordance with the misdemeanor offenses. If the convicted person is a proclaimed offender and it is found that there is violence and someone is hurt during the whole incident, the defendant may have to face charges similar to those granted for felony crimes.

The duration of sentences in felony offenses is determined by number of factors. The persons who have committed crime for the first time in case of nonviolent cases get soft punishment from the judge. The judge gives no laxity to the accused if he is a proclaimed offender and has inflicted serious injury to the victim. If the accused hires an influential advocate to defend his case in the court, his sentence may be reduced by the judge. If the accused is charged with felony crime and the victim agrees to the incident, then the defendant can use the victims assent as a tool to reduce the sentence.

The conviction period of the accused also depends upon the laws of state in which the crime is committed. The persons who are accused of crimes called ‘ wobblers’ may get punishment as given in either a felony or a misdemeanor depending upon the various factors at the crime scene. If there is no evidence of weapon or found that there was no violence and nobody was hurt during the incident, then the accused can plead for the punishment that is given to misdemeanors says Attorney Miya Griggs.

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