Importance of PR and law working together in high-profile cases

The term high-profile case is not restricted to celebrities or well-known personalities. It can also be a case that has shocked the nation and has grabbed the attention of people worldwide. In such cases, the ruling or conviction is not determined only by the judge; even the political pressure and public opinions play an influencing role with the sentence. Not just the masses can influence the judgment, but even the involvement of the PR and law can make a difference — says, Attorney Miya Griggs.

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So, why should PR and law join hands to make a difference?

Now even as per the court of law, a person is not guilty until proven. While in some cases, DNA testing and many other factors can point out to the criminal. There are some cases when an innocent may also be punished for no reason.

Says Attorney Miya Griggs — The best way to obtain the right kind of justice is when PR and lawyers work hand in hand to help the victim. The worst part of a high-profile case is that people, in general, form their opinions even before the truth is out. Often, these opinions tend to create pressure, which can alter the ruling or judgment of the case.

We all know that the media can tend to twist the truth or report things that have no relevance to the case. More than the judgment within the courtroom, the outside world tends to form its jury and judgment.

The role of a PR or public relationship manager

A public relationship manager plays an essential role in such cases. This is a person who helps provide the necessary updates and even the actual strategies, approaches, and facts of the case.

The PR in charge will conduct the relevant press interviews and provide the necessary updates and answer questions that the public has in their mind. The role of this person is very similar to that of a jury consultant.

By default, a lawyer’s job is to defend his client no matter the situation. He/She needs to convince everyone that the client is the victim/innocent in whatever way possible. The attorney has an obligation towards his client and in no way compromise on that front.

Difference between the PR and lawyers

One of the biggest challenges in any high-profile case is the divide between the legal teams and PR — Says, Attorney Miya Grigg. First of all, given that information travels quickly, the general public is ignorant of the truth. A lawyer would need to work with the external and internal PR team to resolves the crisis on hand.

Along with that, the damages that are sustained is not just limited to physical properties. It also includes the mental and emotional turmoils the victim and the defendant undergo during the trial. When a person’s reputation is at risk, people tend to block their ears and only listen to what they feel is suitable. In such situations, the need of the hour calls for a person of influence who can control such thoughts becomes imperative.

A Final Note

When it comes to a high-profile case, many things have to be considered. It is not just the evidence or reports that matter, but even the opinions of others. Even before the court’s judgment is passed, we have seen the general public divided into their opinion.

PR and Law need to work hand in hand to ensure that the public understands the reality of the situation. The media tends to cover things based on their opinion or facts. This, sometimes, can also be untrue, and that is why the air should be cleared in the right way.

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Attorney Miya Griggs is a business professional with over 10 years’ worth of experience in complex litigation and project management.

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