Criminal Law and Role Criminal lawyers

A criminal defense attorney is a person who especially deals in criminal cases and serves the purpose of protecting their clients from ending up in prison says Attorney Miya Griggs. They actually safeguard their client from the legal criminal activity they are charged with. It’s both a hard and challenging job.

A criminal lawyer has to do a lot of work when they are assigned work from the client. The work they have to perform are: –

1. Assignment of the case — First of all they are assigned with the case, either they are directly approached by the client or their particular firm assigns them the case.

2. Interview about the case — Once the case is assigned, the lawyer has to interview and get more and more details about the case.

3. Investigation into the case — Once they are familiar with the case, their next job is to closely look into the case and start their investigation and research for it.

4. Analysis of Evidence — One of their other responsibilities is to analyse the evidence and study them carefully.

5. Continued contact with the client — They also have to stay in proper and continued contact with their client to discuss the case and everything related.

6. Jury selection — Also, criminal lawyers have the option to pick their jury as per their preferences.

7. Plea bargaining — A criminal lawyer also has the responsibility of negotiating with the other party for plea bargaining.

8. Trial participation — Here the attorney has to fight for their client sake.

Role of Criminal Lawyers:

The accused could contact the criminal defense advocate directly and may be handed the particular case by the court. Most of the defense lawyers are appointed by the government and they get their salary from the public defender’s office says Attorney Miya Griggs. Private firms also employ defense advocates and some of these lawyers have their private legal offices. Defense lawyers hired from the government charge lesser than those who run independent offices. The court may appoint a private lawyer in certain cases.

Nothing should be hidden by the client from his criminal defense advocate, rather each important or non-important aspect of the case should be shared with the lawyer. This would enable your lawyer to well argue the case in the court knowing all weaknesses and strengths about the case. More careful and logical questions should be asked to the accused in the court.

The various documents are studied by the criminal defense advocate prior to be presented to the jury members. This way he could come across different aspects of the case that would help the defense lawyer in the case against the accused. The advocate may disapprove the prosecutors case by reexamining the evidence from the independent laboratory.

The advocate is supposed to analyze the proofs against the accused. The criminal lawyer should study all the facts and different stories related with the case. All evidences must be tested thoroughly from a private lab. The advocate must examine that all submitted proofs are legally correct says Attorney Miya Griggs.

The advocate should aspire all developments related with the case with his or her client and vice versa. All what is being transpired between the client and the lawyer must be kept secret. The advocate should tell his or her client about the possible consequences if any information is leaked out to others.

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Attorney Miya Griggs is a business professional with over 10 years’ worth of experience in complex litigation and project management.

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