At the point when an individual commits a crime, it may be a mind-boggling experience for them. Appoint a decent Criminal Attorney is the primary move that a criminal should make. The individual charged has sacred assurances that ought to be trailed by law implementation and any other individual engaged with the legal process says Attorney Miya Griggs.

The Criminal Defense Attorney guarantees the privileges of the litigant are secured.

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The Arrest and Report

Sometimes an individual is accused of a crime before they are arrested. This implies a Justice has issued a warrant for the individual’s arrest. An official will get instructed to find the individual and capture them. …

Have you been accused of any criminal charge? Despite whether or not you are at fault, combating criminal charges is a long and disturbing ordeal. Talking to the police, applying for bail, paperwork, etc. is very overwhelming. Moreover, a wrong step can end up with a higher sentence. This can increase your stress. This is why you should hire Miya Griggs as your criminal defense attorney.

Having the comfort and security that you have someone to fight for your freedom is crucial. Even though you have to pay to hire an attorney but the expertise and peace of mind you will get from their assistance is worthless. …

The term high-profile case is not restricted to celebrities or well-known personalities. It can also be a case that has shocked the nation and has grabbed the attention of people worldwide. In such cases, the ruling or conviction is not determined only by the judge; even the political pressure and public opinions play an influencing role with the sentence. Not just the masses can influence the judgment, but even the involvement of the PR and law can make a difference — says, Attorney Miya Griggs.

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So, why should PR and law join hands to make a difference?

Now even as per the court of law, a person is not guilty until proven. While in some cases, DNA testing and many other factors can point out to the criminal. There are some cases when an innocent may also be punished for no reason. …

Every country has a set of rules of conduct for the safety and well-being of every citizen of that particular country. These rules, often referred to as laws, are enforced and established by superiors like legislators, people in authoritative positions, a specific community head, etc.

The entire functionality of the country is based on these laws or regulations that are set. Every small aspect, be it the professional or personal front, all come under a certain set of rules says Attorney Miya Griggs. This article will understand the need for law and order and the importance of maintaining it.

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What are the factors that determine Good law and order?

For a particular resolution or rule to be passed, it has to qualify as good law. When we refer to the term good law, we…

A criminal defense attorney is a person who especially deals in criminal cases and serves the purpose of protecting their clients from ending up in prison says Attorney Miya Griggs. They actually safeguard their client from the legal criminal activity they are charged with. It’s both a hard and challenging job.

A criminal lawyer has to do a lot of work when they are assigned work from the client. The work they have to perform are: –

1. Assignment of the case — First of all they are assigned with the case, either they are directly approached by the client or their particular firm assigns them the case. …

Hit and run car accident looks like a simple case whereas it is legally explained in a different method in which several features are considered while assessing the cause of the accident. Just visualize that you are driving the car on an empty road and you receive one message on your mobile phone which is very significant. Suddenly, the child comes in front of your car while you were answering the message and is focusing on the mobile says Attorney Miya Griggs from Atlanta, GA. You abruptly apply the brakes and your heart comes into the mouth. …

Stealing in a shop is also one form of theft and such people are known as shop lifters. People who are involved in such petty thefts do this out of anger, less powerful, loss, not getting the due rights and addiction. People are suffering from a rare mental condition called kleptomania who could not resist the urge to steal. Around seventy percent of shoplifters could not leave the habit of shoplifting even after being arrested. It has been revealed that six out of one thousand Americans above the age of twenty years are suffering from kleptomania.

Everybody gets a free ride in a police car, one who shoplifts. Shoplifting is a major problem around the world these days. Shoplifting affects everybody, including the person shoplifting. Eventually, everybody gets caught. No matter how cautious a person is. The world is watching. No matter who steals or exactly, what they take, the act of theft or robbery has an unfavorable effect on many people says Attorney Miya Griggs. The motives for shoplifting may differ from compulsive to daring compulsive disorder. The results of shoplifting are always the same and on the negative side of the equation. Stealing is such a usual occurrence that every retail location has to compensate for its annual losses. …

Crimes have no limit and these days it’s on hike. Corruption levels have increased manifold all around the world and to curb these practices of fraud and corruption law and orders are made more strict. But so are the minds of people which are working towards these negative things. Talking about the corporate world there is huge loophole that employees have found. They indulge in fraud practices to fill I their pockets. One such practise is payroll says Attorney Miya Griggs Payroll is a procedure of payment of salaries to the employees and stealing of cash through processing of payroll system is known as payroll fraud. …

Attorney Miya Griggs says civil rights are a crucial part of democracy. They grant equal social opportunities and protection under the law, regardless of race, religion, or other characteristics. Some examples of civil rights are the right to vote, to a fair trial, to government services, a public education, and to use public facilities. When peoples are rejected to participate in political society, they are being denied their civil rights. In disparity to civil liberties, which are gained by placing opposition to the government, civil rights are gained by the right government action, many times in legislation.

Civil rights laws attempt to secure full and equal citizenship for people who have been discriminated against based on some group aspects. When the application of civil rights is found by many to be inadequate, a civil rights movement may come out to call for equal application of the laws without discrimination. …

Minor offenses like traffic offenses, drink and drive etc. are criminal offenses called misdemeanor which are less serious than felony crimes in which the guilty is put into the jail and more often has to serve imprisonment of more than one year and are more serious in nature than violation of law called infraction says Attorney Miya Griggs. The offender has to pay a minor fine or maybe imprisoned in a local prison if one is found committed a misdemeanor whereas the sentence term cannot be determined in case of infractions. The misdemeanor crime is classified into three categories like high, ordinary and petty misdemeanors. …


Attorney Miya Griggs

Attorney Miya Griggs is a business professional with over 10 years’ worth of experience in complex litigation and project management.

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